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Staging Equipment, Curtains and Retractable Seating Installation Manchester

Welcome to Taylor Stage Services we are performing arts equipment specialists. We install, repair, maintain and hire Performing Arts equipment in a variety of venue types in the Education, Entertainment and Events sectors. From primary schools to universities, and village halls to professional theatres throughout Manchester, Liverpool and the North West, we cover all areas.

Our performing art equipment service includes the installation, maintenance, and repairs of staging equipment in Manchester, Liverpool and throughout the North West. This includes stage rigging, fire retardant curtains and the tracks, raise and lower gear, drapes, lighting, sound, projection, staging and retractable seating. We have many years of experience under our belt and provide an extremely reliable and professional service.


Performing Arts Equipment Service:

Staging Equipment Installation

Staging equipment is pinnacle to any performing arts area, whether this be for schools, theatres, or drama studios. We can discuss all your installation requirements and then work to this. Our staging equipment installation is usually portable, meaning you can configure this as and when you need it. We can add as many accessories to your staging, including storage trolleys, fabric skirts and much more so fill in our contact form today and we will be in touch.

Fire Retardant Curtains & Tracks Installation

We have experts who can come and install fire retardant curtains and drapes as well as install the tracks for them. We also provide a repair and maintenance service so that you comply with regulations. All of our fire retardant curtains can be tailored to your needs. Whether you want them for black outs, acoustics or you want a decorative finish. We can do all of this so contact us today for more information.

Retractable Seating Installation

If you have staging, then you’re going to need some sort of seating. We can install you retractable seating and their fixtures. We also service and repair retractable seating too. We can offer many types of seating so that you can get as much space as possible in your area. We can make manual and electronically retractable seating as well as straight or curved tiering. Contact us today to learn more on what we can offer.

If you would like to learn more on any of our performing arts equipment installation or need us to come out to repair or do some maintenance work throughout Manchester, Liverpool or the North West, then please don’t hesitate to call on 01942 718347 or email info@taylorstage.com. We can’t wait to hear from you.