Lighting, Sound and Projection Installation Manchester, Liverpool & North West

From portable audio equipment in a primary school to a full sound system fit-out in a professional theatre or concert hall, we can provide composite schemes to cover any need. Facilities may include replay and recording kit, bespoke racks and panels, communication systems with intercom and talkback, tie-lines, voice evacuation systems, sound fields, stage managers desks, lecterns and hard of hearing systems. We offer a wide variety of stage lanterns and control equipment for both professional and amateur users in theatre and education, together with lighting barrels, trusses, facility panels and special requirements. Stage and drama lighting was based around static incandescent tungsten fittings for many decades, but advances in LED and moving light technology have largely closed the gap between performance and cost, offering many benefits and being popular for all of the right reasons. New installs can be all-LED, whereas existing lighting rigs can be upgraded or supplemented with new equipment where needed.

We will discuss your requirements and provide a free no-obligation quotation. Installations follow a detailed site survey and design works, supplemented by IPAF, PASMA, CSCS and IOSH safety certification, together with appropriate testing documentation at project completion. Refer to our maintenance section for details of our inspection and repair services, following which we provide a report, compliance documents and safety certification.

Projection screens are not just found in multiplex and independent cinemas, but also in schools, churches, lecture theatres, exhibition centres and presentation suites. Many types of standard screens are available, but any specification can be made for special situations. Screens can be rigid or roller, small or large, standard or bespoke, flat or curved, manual or electric, matt white or other fabrics, front or rear projection, perforated or non-perforated, with or without masking, fixed or portable, set-level or raise and lower – and these are just a few of the options! Even without a projection screen, a white cyclorama cloth, safety curtain or even a clear wall can be used as an economical or flexible option for simpler requirements.

LED fittings have lowered installation costs by removing the need for dimming equipment and individual circuit wiring, together with significantly reduced power loads on the building. Daily energy consumption is reduced by around 80% for LED fittings compared to tungsten, with life spans of typically 50,000 hours. Cost savings on consumable lamps, filters and fitting time. Integral colour changing often means that fewer fittings are required, particularly if moving heads are used, and with little need to access intelligent lighting to refocus or reposition, there is less need to work at height and hence reduced Health and Safety and insurance issues. And don’t forget the added benefit of a reduction in the heat produced by low-energy LED fixtures, which improves the local environment for the audience and performers, as well as reducing air conditioning costs. To accompany projection screens, we can of course also provide projectors, wired or remote control systems, sound equipment, video and audio tie-lines, also editing and recording equipment – the full audio visual solution.