ASG Stage Products & Taylor Stage Services

Since the retirement of Stan, Marion & Paul in 2017 and the rebranding to Taylor Stage Services in 2018, we are excited to publicise that TSS is growing from strength to strength with the continued support from the ASG client base and new customers.

Taylor Stage Services was formed by Michael Taylor. During his long service at ASG, he spent 12-years dealing with new projects and maintenance, before progressing into management. With reduced overheads, the new company has proven to be more competitive in a changing marketplace, building a large portfolio of new customers whilst retaining many long-standing clients for annual maintenance inspections and new installations.

If you are an existing customer of ASG, please call upon us when needed as we may still have your installation records, this may be helpful when you come to:-

  • Redesign or reconfigure the area,
  • Upgrade to an LED lighting system.
  • Planned Maintenance

You can still reach us on the existing ASG phone number – 01942 718347.